strb. brings together the best of science and nature. We use the latest developments in chemistry and biotechnology to identify nature's most powerful ingredients and create beautiful, cruelty free products that support and enhance beauty regimens.

We are a science-driven beauty brand. Our formulations are developed in world-leading laboratories by our team of pharmaceutical chemists using cutting-edge equipment and techniques. The products are put through rigorous tests for efficacy, stability and safety to ensure they support the processes of the skin.

These formulations are enhanced by the judicious inclusion of nature’s most potent ingredients. We use the latest developments in chemistry and biotechnology to target specific compounds and molecules, testing their performance against a range of skincare concerns, from redness to excess oil, stress, discolouration and more.

Our packaging

We take sustainability seriously and only use packaging that limits our impact on the environment. Aluminium tubes and pots are light, easy to recycle and air-tight to keep all our ingredients stable. There’s also little or no left-overs as you can squeeze and scrape out every little bit. Glass jars are used when aluminium tubes aren’t an option and can be reused or recycled.

“I started strb. with a very simple objective: to create products that live up to the claims on the box. So many products don’t do what they say they’re going to do or even have proven action. I decided to change that. We take the most active ingredients found in nature and put them through rigorous scientific analyses to create products that work”

Founders of strb.
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